Fortune Jets

Fortune Jets is a leading Embraer executive jet resource center. Embraer’s aircrafts are products of the finest details and willingness to push the boundaries of aeronautical engineering.


Finding inspiration in the greatest of challenges, Embraer jets have raised the bar, entirely redefining the kind of quality, luxury and performance business jets can offer. Fortune Jets is proud to conveniently source these executive jets in all their grandeur.

Working with Fortune Jets was a fun experience, the biggest reason being that they were coming to us for a fresh start. Rather than a redesign, they came to us wanting a completely new site and gave me more creative freedom. Since they weren’t selling inventory directly from their site, my goal was to create a showcase of Ebraer’s lines of executive aircrafts which illustrated the kind of exclusive experience you would feel from flying inside these luxury jets.

After speaking directly with the customer on their expectations of the site, my process began with gathering inspiration from other luxury websites and branding. Being that our clientele is almost entirely in the aircraft, agriculture and construction business, I find that company-wide our sites can get repetitive in their design. In every project I make a point to push myself out of the box and gather inspiration from resources outside of our industry as well, offering new sites that offer both appealing aesthetics and functionality.

After gathering a handful of inspiration, I began wireframing and building mockup presentations. The client and I had continuous communication throughout my initial design process, making sure they were entirely satisfied and all their expectations were met. Once approved, I begin developing their site from scratch.


I figured early on in my design process that I was going with a minimalistic approach. Since they presented me with beautiful imagery to work with, I knew that these images should be at the forefront and the rest of the design should simply complement rather than distract. I structured images to be in large scale and often full width, with an image at almost every viewpoint. Again, my goal was to create a showcase of sorts, so to properly suit this frequent imagery my color choices and typography were kept intentionally simplistic. I used subtle creme and navy shades with a combination of serif and sans-serif typefaces to tie this presentation together, giving the user a feeling of importance, exclusivity, and sophistication.

Although their imagery beautifully demonstrates these jet’s class, there were also a lot of specifications that had to be noted to truly understand why these product lines are so significant. To not overwhelm or distract, I often utilized accordion style content and separated text into few lines broken up by visuals for a better user experience.

This clean and consistent layout is set to deliver the same experience on mobile and any other device. Although some hover effects and other animations are best suited for desktop, the same attention to detail and experience is adapted for mobile interaction.

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