Iron Edge

Offering shop and mobile field services worldwide, Iron Edge has all of the proper tooling and diagnostic equipment to work on machinery of all sizes and ages.


Iron Edge has a one-stop shop business model for all things heavy equipment. Their services are offered world-wide with shipping and repairs of heavy equipment, parts and attachments anywhere in the US or internationally.

As Iron Edge has been an established company for some time now, they came to us already having a site that worked for them. Rather than building something from the ground up, they wanted to keep the format and context the same but recognized that some updating needed to be made. They were certain that the simplicity of their current site was to remain in this redesign, but were looking to revamp and modernize their existing content.

My process began with interviewing the customer directly to hear exactly what they wanted to keep from their existing site and what needed to change. I discovered that they knew what they wanted from the outcome, but were unsure how to get there. They had an expectation of keeping the same layout of their current site and merely making updates to fonts and colors. Seeing how much more potential this site could obtain, I informed them of the many ways that their site can keep the same, or improved, functionality while achieving a fresher look with more than just simple color adjustments. A dynamic layout, custom iconography and graphics, animation and transitions were all lacking from their current site which I strived to include in this project. My purpose in this goal was to display to the customer just how much more their site could achieve without changing much existing content.

After completing my research on the company and discussions with the client, I began wireframing and building mockup presentations. We deliberated over mockups a few times until we came to a final design that proved to be a perfect fit for Iron Edge and exceeded their expectations. Once approved, I begin developing their site myself.


My initial thought from going over their current site was that it was not inviting in the slightest; little use of color, bland typography, no motion, and very limited opportunity for the user to interact with the site. To combat this, I adopted their staple red accent color but accompanied with a dark, saturated navy and a light-washed blue base. I used eye-catching 3D rendered machinery and personalized equipment iconography for a more intriguing experience, along with an equal-parts lively and professional typeface, all working together in keeping the user engaged and trusted in their brand.

Working through their home page, I first began with a large, direct opening statement and imagery. As many companies in this industry tend to follow the same design guidelines, this sets them apart while clearly defining who they are. While they noted that simplicity was important to them, I was sure not to over-complicate by including a straight-forward, easy to navigate header and quick social links, alongside an inventory CTA button. Continuing downward, I used a grid format to structure body text, interactive buttons, icons and imagery in a compelling yet clear layout.

Although code is yet to be written, button animation and page transitions are designed to be one of the most impressive elements of this site. As with other sites I have developed, GSAP has been the latest in my toolbox for writing the smoothest and most creative movement from smooth scroll, parallax, and scroll-triggered animations. By the end, Iron Edge now has a beautifully redesigned site in both aesthetics and functionality.

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