Wing Power

Wing Power Systems provides fleets with proven technology, from a company that understands green fleets — building, operating, and maintaining their own.


For more than 10 years, Wing Power Systems have engineered, serviced, and installed the most reliable compressed natural gas (CNG) and bi-fuel engines for Ford vehicles. Now, for the first time ever, Wing Power System is part of NVG Global Group, a natural gas powerhouse.

Being that they are the pioneers of their industry, I was tasked with creating a site that highlighted their individualism, authority, and focus on technology. Along with this, my goal was to create a platform that is not only convenient to shop from but also inform. It is important for customers to understand what sets their products apart from any other fleet supplier because this is the driving force behind their success.

My process began with interviewing the customer directly to hear what ideas they had in moving forward with this new site. I discovered that they were mainly looking for a site that told their story more vividly and has better functionality in shopping for and distinguishing between their different products. With this information in mind I dissected their current site; what contextual information is the most important, what images look best and feel personal to their company, and what message their current branding is sending and how it can be improved or built upon.

As they are a customer of Sandhills Global, where my work is being done from, our company process is to create a mockup of their entire home page and key page elements displaying both desktop and mobile version’s functionality. This is presented to the client where we discuss any changes they want to be made before I begin developing their site.


To accomplish a better method of explanation, a bold and concise CTA was key. Across the site I formatted headings to be short-lined descriptions, with clear one-worded subheadings. This way description text could be skimmed, or even completed skipped, while still getting their message across. Along with this, I broke up the key points of a paragraph into engaging cards and sections with visuals that are easier to follow and more memorable. To top it off, navigation buttons are conveniently placed throughout the site to encourage the user to view more information with ease.

While informing their customers is a priority, the ultimate goal is to make sales. In order to combine these two goals, right from the landing page I made sure include summarizing text but directed attention to their inventory listings by including an inventory CTA button alongside an image of a popular product. Directly below is a place to search inventory from keyword if they would like a more refined search. While our company’s inventory system can be overwhelming at times, I combatted this by also including a slick inventory carousel that displays each product line while summarizing details directly from the home page.

I styled this content with a striking blue accent complimented by a dark navy and very light blue-gray base. I kept the site sleek to represent their forward-thinking and technology focused brand, while also functioning most efficiently with how much text they had included. During development, while writing the code from scratch, I also utilized GSAP for animations and smooth scroll. This helped achieve my goal of keeping the user engaged and wanting to continue exploring the site, from being able to interact with unique button animations, parallax images, page transitions and text animation.

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