CP Auction

Providing professional auction and trade services with the highest standards of integrity, CP Auction insures trust for both clients and customers within all stages.


CP Auction professionally buys, sells, and trades farm machinery daily, as well as conducting multiple consignment auctions throughout the year. All the while, they are dedicated to increasing their profitability for the benefit of all stakeholders; clients, customers, associates and owners while maintaining the highest level of service and quality.

Considering that their services span greater than simply auctions, it was a priority to make it clear what they offered in their entirety. My goal was to redesign a site for CP Auction that provides clear instruction of how much they can provide for their customers and instill a sense of trust.

Per usual, my process began with interviewing the customer on their background and expectations. I discovered their current site included all the information that they were looking for, but required proper branding and functionality. They came to us with a site that had no design reference to their brand, poor story-telling and subpar usability which I was entrusted in turning around.

After gathering notes on the customer’s requests and my ideas of how to accomplish those, I was ready to wireframe and put together mockups to present back to them. The client and I had continuous communication throughout my design process, making sure they were entirely satisfied and all their expectations were met. Once approved, I begin developing their site from the ground up.


After collaborating with the client and analyzing what their current site was lacking, I decided to go with a clean, precise layout and style. Following a straight-forward and sophisticated preloader, I stretched an interactive, cursor-following hero image full width of the page that demonstrates the equipment they work with. I used the crisp red found in their logo as a beautiful accent along a clean white, light gray and deep navy base. Since the copy text they gave me to work with was pretty minimal, I countered excessive white space with bordered sections and additional, yet purposeful, subheadings and buttons.

Being that their main focus is auctions, I included a CTA straight to auction listings from the landing of their home page. Since they sell inventory as well, a search section was placed directly below to inform users that both services are offered at this multi-faceted company. Continuing further, interactive buttons linking to all services including auctions, inventory, trucking and financing seamlessly direct customers to participate in these services while also detailing who CP Auction is in a more direct and visually appealing manner.

During development, as with many of my recent sites, I utilized GSAP for animations and smooth scroll. This helped for my goal of keeping the user engaged and wanting to continue exploring the site, from being able to interact with unique button animations, parallax images, and page transitions. Collectively, customers are presented with a site that is easily navigable, welcoming, and provides confidence in working with CP Auction.

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